I am an early adopter.  I also like trying new things.  When I find stuff I like, I enjoy telling my friends about it usually in emails.  My friends humor me, they are patient that way.  This site is about me writing about what I try and why I like or dislike it (instead of writing emails.)  I hope you find it useful.


This is a site devoted to reviews of products and some web services and software – stuff.  Reviews are by their nature subjective – your mileage may vary.  All reviews on this site are my opinion based upon my personal experience with the product.

  1. All products were bought by me. I paid for them. I accept no free review items and please do not ask to send me stuff.
  2. This site earns no money.  There are no affiliate links.
  3. I try to link to the manufacturer’s page for an item rather than a retailer’s page whenever possible.  I do most of my shopping at Amazon.com, just go there and type the name of the product into their search.
  4. All opinions are my own.  You are free to disagree by leaving a comment. Be courteous and respectful. Trolls will be turned to stone. 🙂